I Don’t Want To Report This


September 19, 2013 by Social Media Content


On any given day a writer is bombarded with tons of press releases. Some are newsworthy and others are not.

The writer has to choose what he or she thinks is newsworthy. Some press releases are so bias and one-sided they don’t get a chance of ever getting printed.

I’m using this topic as my first post on Media Man Chronicles. On this website I’ll discuss the media and what I think makes it tick.

So, back to press releases. I decided to hit the delete button on this one. Is the topic newsworthy, yes. Is this angle presented in the release newsworthy, no. I also noticed most local media outlets didn’t pick it up either. However what is irrelevant today can very well be a headline tomorrow.



PRESS RELEASE: Connecticut Carry

Second Amendment Rights Attacked Behind Closed Doors

It Is Time for Judge Robert C. Brunetti to Find a New Career

Bristol CT, September 12, 2013:

During a closed door meeting in the judge’s chambers during a case Judge Robert C. “Brunes” Brunetti exposed his bigotry for fundamental civil rights in front of at least three defense attorneys. The violation came during the case of State of Connecticut v. Bruce Worley, docket number H17B-CR13-0055722S.

Judge Brunetti expressed his contempt for the right to keep and bear arms, as spelled out in both the Second Amendment to the US constitution and Article 1, Section 15 of the Connecticut Constitution by stating in chambers that “No one in this country should have guns” and that he ‘never returns guns’. A judge’s role is to be impartial and to render verdicts, rulings and judgments based upon law and case law, certainly not personal opinion.

The amazing part of Judge Brunetti’s comments is that he is a sitting judge in Connecticut in 2013 after this issue has been so clearly mandated upon him by the Supreme Court of the United States on several occasions including both DC v Heller cases, McDonald v Chicago and others. Judge Brunetti has clearly decided to lead an anti-rights crusade under color of his judicial position and it must end.

Connecticut Carry Director Edward Peruta was on scene in the courthouse that day and he informed several news outlets including WTIC Fox 61, WTNH ABC 8 and the Hartford Courant who all, to our disappointment, responded that they did not have the personnel to cover such an important topic in such an important context. The citizens of Connecticut have a right to know about Judge Brunetti, who is the second judge that Connecticut Carry has caught and called out for openly advocating against settled civil rights in this state. How many more judges in Connecticut are abusing their authority like this when these judges are so willing to openly flaunt their bigotry?


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